Monday, August 15, 2016


An emerald Posse

Floating @about knee-high

Like Lovecraftian færies

Mechanized in their movements

Droning through their final moments

In the desperate search for proliferation

They are dying—

They have come here to meet their end

And I have come here; to put ideas to rest

As they list & fall from exhaustion

In this excruciating heat

 Their polished bodies become undone   

Their tiny machine parts scattered across the surface of the earth

As dreams of the future  

will never be known

entropy like a wind through the æther

blowing us all into the remnants of what we once held dear

 In the distance I feel the supercell

The dropping pressure

The forming vortex

That begins to pull everything into it

I hear the sounds of your thought

Like voices pleading out from underwater

Raptured in the storm of myself

In a Relentlessness that is drowning everything around me

Somewhere within, thunder erupts

rewritten into each pressing moment

like savagery blooming in the night

in a way I am jealous; that their journeys will end here

on this fine Augustine day

I am taken by the empathy that I will persist,

as pieces of my mental landscape

gyre to the ground, buzzing in confusion

fighting to the last second

in a hardwired fear of being



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