Tuesday, July 26, 2016


Awoken at a cliff’s edge

The endless geometries of the desert

The pink sunrise melting into an azure sky

under towers of electricity

Through raining ash

The sun-scorched repetition

Pallor Yucca stood as disfigured living-death

Reaching up into the sky

Gathering ashes like bouquets of sorrow

We carry the vibe of this land

As a victorious banner

Of a conquest well executed  

My friends; I feel privileged to have you near

It sequesters the primal fear

Watching the earth be devoured in fire

In these spread membranes

I feel the spectrum

A thin film of life and death

Caught in this mortar

Perpetually entwined

A thunderhead anvil hovers overhead,

casting its power over me

Sovereign and elegant The layers shed

Exposing her naked form

Deftly embracing her throne

Regent and perfect, meat is twisted  

sweat rains in thick drops

On scarred and wind swept skin

we are Hellenistic forms

contorting against one another

sensuous and glistening flesh, struggling against itself.

Unfolding like spring—

Intoxicating everything in assimilation

Drawn by how close I feel,

consumed with a sensation that I know by other names

how long we have waltzed;

corrupted in affections

reigning over the empires of one another

woven of some greater why

that shapes this and other theaters

we are the tryst—

we are the hunger of the ocean, the thirst of the desert

the beckoning mountains and the luxurious metropolitan machine

we are everything;

we are eternal

& I am consumed in how eternal I wish to be with you

entranced in the affair that is this

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