Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Never lost

Coiled up as fabric

Supple and smooth

The tissues of thisness

Textured with import

Because the truth is savage;

I wanna eat honey off your pussy  

I wish to detonate deep inside you

I would have you delicious and vile

I would have you awaken like the sunrise

On my ancient leaves

Where the roots of my anger

Crack rocks into powder

inspire my reiteration
drink in the gracious darkness
conspire in the creation
what lives beyond this plane

evaporate this landscape
minimize it into mental architecture

the gallop of fading shades
the texture of this nether world

as eternity upon eternities

that I would spend

waltzing in and out of these tides,

and endlessly I squander time

forever and ever  

a never-ending dream of futures to come

expansive and luxuriant

vibrantly warped through time

all of these dreams

the stars in the night

The sun in the sky.

I wish to be eternal and graceful

I wish to be awoken and new

Concerned in the chorus

the plotline of some kabuki play

meaningfully absurd and rhetorical

I would have you—Naked and visceral

Liquid and crystal  

What it means to be human

forerunner like myself

It’s a pressure that pulls at my wrists

opening mind into fantasy

I feel them resonating through the æther

As sound through water

I feel anchored to the earth

And yet, so unbelievably lost

Disoriented with tide pools

entangled into the adventure

in feathers and bells

distracted in delight

Dancing in these pockets of time

Moving to the vibration of the universe

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