Sunday, July 3, 2016


Devour my thoughts in the heat

Where the circuitry is fried and rewired

The cogs of myself churning endlessly

Always rolling forward in time

Methodical and mechanical

And lost.

I am lost.

Forgotten and worn

Swept away in haughtiness

bemused beyond reason

at the plays and the players

Enduring and eternal

In a disgusting way

Vampiric in implication

Yet somehow genuine

with loyalties eroded

                what have I known of

competing affections

of warring factions

what humanly-flawed answer

for times such as these

I see it in the distance

As if watching myself slip through time

as one-sided attempts

are swept away in the rushing river

of my thoughts

memories will erode,

days become years

as persistent and persistence

framed within prerequisites

like landscapes I have seen before

it lives in the sense of adventure

where falcons breed and adrenaline flows

                with passive apathy

like pools of calm water

nestled in chaos  

what dreams have I held

worthy of weighing in against this backdrop

what tyranny have I surpassed

to be so numb in this moment

devoid of reflection

in the twisting moon

the carrion I have grown accustomed to

Will always have the sensation of ambrosia

Distant and foreign

forgotten in time.

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