Monday, December 19, 2016


On ethereal shores, Visions of Esper come to mind
Us stalking like herons
Through listless waves mirroring a clouded sky
In memory I was elsewhere
Grace and sorrow fluctuating within me
what a new emotion,
Feeling as though the words were foolish before they came out
As Interruptions of Om absolved in sacred geometry
My feet traversing the pools,
little echoes of my steps spreading outward
spreading as circles across silver water
my thoughts spreading out
upon the surface of some other plane
ephemerality conducing each moment
into brilliant symphony
remembering things sentimentally
when I was not like this:
and the thought of those that would not be here with us
in the same context
Absolved of this reality
Forgotten to the nature of time
I felt my flow draw suddenly to my wrists—
These ethereal invisible whips,
utterly familiar
where the wings of my being spread like fractals
liquid and crystal
clairvoyant and new
eloquent to the vibration of existence
within many dimensions I am made whole
time unfolds as it must
like a dream of the future
exacting its own being
as if waves of myself rippling invisibly through the pools of our mutual reality
out into all of the spaces I do not yet know
this is how I have come to spend my time—
dreaming of things that have not yet come to be

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