Saturday, December 17, 2016

of storms

I shoot a Xanax with a monster

And walk outside to pee

Behind the garage

As an excuse to go outside

The balconies never have people on them

It feels a bit like gardening

But without plants I can’t draw power

No matter how many times I urinate in the same spot

Its nothing like gardening.

The plants don’t make me anxious like the people do

Everywhere, all the time

there is a siren,

or a car alarm

or a helicopter

and I stand there

trying to reign it all in.

Don’t. be. Fucking. crazy.  

And the words

Anthem and Acheron and pantheon

And a haiku-esque poem comes on suddenly.

I say it out loud to nobody

And feel free of a kind of tyranny

If only for an instant.

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