Wednesday, April 19, 2017


Running scared through a forest fire

They thunder on hooves and paw

Embers whipped up with each panicked step

As sparks erupt from immolating trees

How has otherness decimated your landscape?

Deceptive and foolish

Immature in every facet

And I watch it burn from a distance and feel an indescribable ache

How has sorrow graced this landscape so completely?

Trampling all that I have sought so desperately to cultivate

The jungle shrieks but only I can hear it—

And I feel nothing but alone.

I don’t deserve this—

to be treated in this manner

To endure some other eon of heartache

Against the grain of the world that I have become so accustomed to

And why? Why is my love never enough?

Why is everything always at odds?

as bairn destroying everything in carelessness

how I have come to fetishize and end to heartache

the word is tolerate—

like a weakness that I have felt exploited so many times before

I feel the language refract and reverberate

As if toleration is a fulcrum of my electric ire

Tolerance as bolts of lightning consuming some cathode

a nexus of my own disgust rendered in a crackling, illuminating plasma,

twitching off in all directions into darkness

setting fire to all that I hold sacred

as if I am retreating into myself

where the trees forget my name

overcome with regret

for all the effort I put into going nowhere.   



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