Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Orchids and Oysters

Crushing clams under the tremendous bite
Because they are each so distinct
And for whatever reason,
seems to remember them individually
Unlike the days
pissed away in drugs and excess
hedonism dancing thorough life
leaving a tracer of chemicals
that glistens as the ribbon
on the gift of something cheap and disposable
the life of an orchid
made friends with a cactus
leeched life from everything for decades
surviving on nothing
and vapid expectations
manipulating the ants
guarding its flowers
the only worthwhile thing
as we all synch up
and I shout at you in all of my dreams
because I want to wake up where you are
fuck you like you deserve
as there is only one thing that orchids can do really well.
Aside from holding on
Pick out the pearls
taste the ocean
And carelessly flick their shells like coins
Because what I value,
already became a part of me
as somewhere in a dense jungle awaits
the colors of a flower
I have never been able to fully recognize
that shirks me as a disease
with an allergy to shellfish    

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