Wednesday, November 17, 2010


Treating the world like it could burst into flames
at any conceivable occasion
I was there, to watch, to stand
As your ambassador and liaison
you arsonist and child of treachery
fought as a warrior without a banner
I became that serpentine flag
And grew within you as a cancer
rotted out your flesh and bones
brought you to a knee
they have all forgotten your face
it is my eyes that they see
though you were torn
it was nothing like the shredding you have done
in the battlefield of naked corpses
what was it that you won?
You rode the horse of pestilence
Dark into the dream
Where similar creatures awaited  
to open your inner seam
you pushed them down deftly
under a mighty claw
and ignited them in the flames
from a well-trained jaw
but between your scales
there was an ache
a frost was seeping in
something there for me to wake
so that we may live again
the torment you have suffered, the ire you’ve released
could never be equal to myself
though I can be appeased
and you set fire to your realm
dependent on my love
that simple force you could not overwhelm
plainly how to make you undone.

So what then, when all your glory fades
Upon the return to your forest
Where none speak of sharp blades
Their songs enchant your carapace
They ignite the passion of your mind
And fill you with a reason to be
Something that you return in kind
Because they need you to see
And they need something akin
To last for many more years
To forget what you have suffered
And devour all their fears
where the trees will still call to you
and speak your given name
where you are needed most
in this world you must reclaim
old friend I am here for you
and have grown thick inside your mind
we will be forever changed
to remain still undefined.

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