Thursday, November 4, 2010


Nothing seems to get loud enough
In the filth of this sphere
The songs of more adjusted people
Whine away their air time
as quickly as they can
failure seeps into the fractures of my glass heart
-Because the arson of you actions turned everything to ash
Drowning out all the creativity
That was tediously set up like the countless dominoes
Loving each ounce of energy that dissolves in that repetitive sound
"Why yes, we’re friends."
friends in the way that a clear-cut forest regrows.
We are friends.
-in the way that we heal but never forget
As the treble of your distraught voice
screaming out against the rising desert sun
that instills the schism 
where my diligence burned the sky
scorches the earth
bringing the darkness asunder in coils of hate
-to the effect that, I followed the trail of feathers
to where that ethereal creature carried our bird
After some kind of forced seduction-
And found nothing but death
-the truth is; I hated it
 with pride and shame
from behind the mutual mask we have shared
in the dark rooms where the phantoms dance without restraint
where perceived evil is the masquerade
hiding an utterly malevolent psyche
-because I want someone that has burned inside as I have
Who knows the power of their own hands
And is not afraid of exercising the might of their heart
-because I thirst for it more than anything
But cannot make the first step in any direction
As she has fallen barren and is not sustainable without
Fame. and wealth. and power. 
Clawing at herself telling everyone to let her out
-what I mean is that the apathy is suffocating
a void that cannot sustain or collapse
And reverts into the lithopedion that it began as
Nothing can be the same
people put an end to the charade
                -to the effect that I am sick of being surrounded by disease
As they play up their self-worth believing that they have anything like what you and I had
                -what I mean, is that I miss aspects of everything but would never want any of them back 
taking solace in the ability to more through the dark the future gets brighter and brighter in the setting sun 

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