Monday, October 31, 2016

conflicted tension

Interim, I am moving pieces in my agenda

composing the sound,

drinking in the æther

there Is a kind of nuance with the delicacy to fragile moments

am I, am I fetishizing them?

Converting meaning in the tryst of the moment

Am I simply fetishizing everything?

The early morning light

Gently tinting the sky

How infinite and eternal

With delicate persistence

I yearn for your form

Pull me from this torpor

Remove these layers of implication

How I wish for the simplicity of the past

weighed against the complexity of the future  

affixed with the tension of the moment

frozen to the sensation of desire

I am caught up in the conflict

Where the marks that make reality

Litter my human form.

Against the backdrop of the beings we are to become

How deeply I need you in this instant

Where the time has dilated

Rendered like marrow

From the ethereal corners of memory

The propensity of these seconds

Where the fabric of the future is made manifest

I am conflicted

Within the prowess of my person

Levying against the purpose of my being

Consumed in an endlessness of integration

How badly I seek to shape the future

With you in mind

As a tense of actualization

That deserves to be relinquished

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