Thursday, October 20, 2016

Full circle

Sterling silver

gesture of conquest

from a being I have become familiar with

that has come to know this universe

so much more deeply than I—

they will scatter you at the end of this

weaving your little glittery bits into the architecture

becoming the fabric of our plain

how honored I am to have known you—

how blessed I am to have felt your human form

in you I feel the liquid weapon more than ever

as a tinge of the savage

flowing like the incoming tide

waves sparkling in the moonlight

glimmering facets like treasure in the eternity of lifetimes you have against me

and still, my words feel small, and short , and human—

I see why they will scatter you

Where the depth of my lament is selfishness

Making my own crystalline consciousness ache unbearably

Knowing that my memories of you will outlast your soul

Grant me the volta—

Return to me—

Help me bend the universe

With my many more lifetimes

 Grant me this beautiful energy

Hold it in the tension between infinity and annihilation

As wafting bubbles flittering through a void

we are made whole in the ballet of our human forms

If only for moments so fleeting as this

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