Thursday, October 20, 2016


You; my love

 the woman who stands backlit in setting sun

slender and regal

wreathed in the elegance of your daring

whose silhouette stretches against windswept desert

in a drawn shadow that falls back

into the recesses of memory

how I now suddenly yearn for the past

how suddenly I yearn for the fire

incinerate everything that has transpired.

flames licking the erosion from our forms.

Restore us in brilliant light

this chasm between us—

more transcendent than desire

beyond tenacity and temerity

I would have battled demons

Razed empire.

Languished in chaos for a taste of your ambrosia

We have become hardened

Like female heroes, you inject into yourself

Where you have reigned among the divine

Your visage; like a deity

Your beauty; uncompared

I would have you—

 just as you are

Slower since the accident, addicted as ever

Yet still my species

magnificent and visceral,

 able to awaken at the core

I feel the compulsion  

To heal the damage of man

heal your mind and your memories; yourself and your being

on distant shores

I dream of you whole,    

contemplative of the complete

I would have you—

Your strand woven into mine

proliferating into the future
conquering all of the dimensions that we are destined to reign.

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