Sunday, January 23, 2011


I sought your face in the falling rain
come to me, comfort me
With the frost of your bitter words
And the splash of biting cold
 I remember you through velveteen curtains
Binding everything in the spice
With those chapping caustic salts
We wove together a new world
That once remembered our fates
Illuminated in the phosphorescence
Sickness bound everything and brought it screaming to the ground
And I love it.
I love a world that is equal but unfair
I watch the footwork with my hands
This perverse atonement exchanged a thousand times over
Trapped Until I see nothing but the blur of lights
Traffic of the world we once sought to accommodate
drowning in the splashing maelstrom
I dropped through the event horizon
became forced to talk in echoes
and heard everything in matte lacquer     

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