Thursday, January 6, 2011

Nhilism 1

within the halls of this house the river dies.
birds depart under the glorious sky
the fading sun screams your name
and I? I vanish

ther is never a good way to stand down
as the back seat fills with mindlessly colorful things
and the barking dogs run once anything enters the gate
because it was all a show

you could say; "a dog an pony show."
but where the FUCK are the FUCKING ponies?

nobody gives two-shits about the ponies.

fuck your ponies
fuck your dogs

it is the sound and the fury we live for; the song and the dance luckily i can both sing and dance... in my way
but who cares about that it is what one might call "irrelevant"

like so many of these other surrogate activities that the whole world seemed to think was important this too, is as cheap and as stupid as it ever was and evaporates to signify nothing

ironically, so does everything else
...just give it some time .

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