Tuesday, October 19, 2010

4 walls

This is the realm
Where one passes through
Throwing our tired bodies, wherever
So we can all play house
Power-washing Everything spotlessly clean
sterility rolls like a thin vapor through
immense parking lots of the Starbucks and the Wal-mart
the sacrifices of the promethean
become meaningless in the well-lit, drive-thru parks
where that obnoxious noise of helicopters is commonplace

As the empty space between everything
Consumes everything
 Dissolving everything in the caustic soda of sameness

slowly suffocating in the smog
as I look out upon the sprawling red worm 
making me reevaluate my commitment
to anywhere I might have wanted to be  

In the drone of incessant lawnmowers
The wake of gasoline
Our heroes of advertisement
shedding their names in far-off places
As reptilian skin
I have seen their flags fly
At shopping centers
And the counter-culture remains anonymously paralyzed
pushed into the corners
Of cinderblock courts with the same, exact, everything.  

My brilliant neighbors thoughtfully offer me signs
Selling their; religion, their Chocolate, and their Insurance
As they try to give me the infection of their lies.
As they moronically imagine that the evil I have seen
could ever be sedated enough
to make coupons a concern
as I save the last valium, for later
after they have eaten their dogs & clawed each other to death
with their fingernails

the phantoms of substances past
float as stale as the air
in the boxes
that they put us all in
always wandering aimlessly for the homecoming in my brain

the homeless and the feline, blankly staring-
Constantly whispering the answers in the adjacent alleys
Irrelevant that their tears dried so long ago
They never really learned to cry
While simultaneously  
It became their only way to communicate
As they flee in terror
from the fascinating mechanical monsters
That pick up the trash
And sweep the streets

This is the hell where they eviscerated my wings
Under the film of latex
Splayed them out like glorious trophies
And all conversation collapsed …awkwardly
As I fainted from the loss of blood
Waking up in a network of cul-de-sacs
-confusing parking regulations
-sport-utility vehicles
-fluorescent lighting of 24hour ‘farmacies’
and that vile, saccharine, artificial, impersonal tone
that is liberally used as the thread  
Suturing me back
Into a world where
I no longer reign or serve anything

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