Thursday, October 14, 2010

Castle of Sugar

If I do nothing,
Just sit,
Hold my breath it will come,
they will come for me
pick the sugar out of me
carry it back to their hive
mix it into themselves and call it their own
like a cow being milked, attach your machines to me and take
if I just sit, do nothing,
the phone will ring,
"where are you?" it will ask, "we are out of sugar”
Come and get it you whores
Feast on my flesh.
Eat me alive so that I may experience you
Drive me to the edge to remain obsessed with the trivial
I can throw all the sugar at it,
Lap it up greedily
Show me I am worthless;
I am not the one that hungers for it
I am not the one that depends on the collective to stand
Yet they come for me none the less
Bearing blue lights, casting white silhouettes
They come for me, driven by their thirst
to have a part of what I have
just leave me alone so that I can enjoy it myself
leave me alone so that I can be happy
I wish they would all go away
I wish they would all go away so that I could just sit,
I can’t just sit, I am not able to
The moment I do, boredom does not come
There is no silence in this unquiet mind
There are no ants in the sugar factory, they are not allowed
This place is powered by dreams
This place is powered by dark energy
This place is powered by anger and hate
But this place is beautiful
In it’s chaos it is so elegant,
assertive magic
This place is always under siege
Daily, it is under new management
The walls of this castle are a different dimension
Why wont they just leave me alone?
No amount of it will get them away from me

nevermind, have some sugar,
 ive got lots
take as much as you like

...everyone does

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