Sunday, October 24, 2010


There is nothing that I seek more than power.
Power in all things
Fundamental to the human condition
Power, a means to something more  
A means to defining what
…but not why.
I want it enough to endure poverty
Humiliation, servitude, enslavement
Because my power is my own
exercises in it’s own way …as hooks are cast into it
with the polite text message that signifies, …nothing

I have never touched the other side
Never seen the world through your eyes
Or entertained such ideas

I cannot see for shit.
As I listen between the æther for your sounds
As the brain can see without eyes …in its way
in sync with the synchronicity
of the mutual energy we share

we all feast on the wrath of this place
the constant lament
that they want us to call ‘life’
constantly accepting premises that require madness
always getting lower and lower for the empty threats
cast by irrelevant shadows

the secret is simple: ignite those shadows with the light
Bring them asunder within the spark of your humanity

Though it will make darkness that much darker
It will convert you into that without title
homo sapiens will be crushed under the gaze
their strength is not to be underestimated
the fear in their minds can blind them in fury

though most actions take place without thought
we have not escaped the influence of insects
as all things have a power, in their way
the ability to take existence; of couse,
being the most lasting
…and relatively easy

But the infection of fear is just as good
And we must recognize this as well:
I want you to listen, to not be afraid
The paradox, quite comically; 
‘the only way to get people to listen quickly is through the pressures of fear’
Because cowardice dances through the hearts of the defeated

Every. Single. day.  

And it is there in the vacant: “that’s not my department.”
It’s there in the idle: “you’ll need to talk to John about that.”

As the artificiality pours in through the cracks of our respective æther
…or put another way:  
As it eats away at our love

Like some sort of toxic, acidic, sap that none can entirely avoid
And even less can remove
But it can be shed, in the forest of the subconscious
On the floors of wherever music plays
It will get swept up, thrown away, and carted off
To become an artificial forest
For new inspiration to grow

The problem with power is that it is bullshit.
Because power has to be kept,
it must be organized and catalogued
and that is a lot of work

when giving it up as affection
allowing it resonation between everything
there is no need to have power
but an incredibly encouraging reason to share it.
somehow more than 'fundamental' to the human condition

...and by all means;
take this with you wherever you go.

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