Thursday, October 14, 2010

Saccarine Hope

the sound fills the room
pushing the air out of it
we all fall down in suffocation
i scream out in asphyxiation
but nobody hears the noise

your eyes light up in the moonlight
turning you into something else
as we become something more
i dont struggle with the keys to this door
though i cross over the broken to reach it

it is a wasteland i see in my dreams
bleached bones in the setting sun
when all others have fallen still
when they cast their stones that i am ill
i am lost in this place, i made it myself

i know that you forgive me
you always have in years past
you guys know i have tried
at no point have i lied
but the paradigm shifts without us

 now as the time comes marching
the distortions have made themselves clear
our old glories have faded
our hearts become jaded
its impossible to grasp what's not there

where can i go for this visceralty
we've become enfeebled with wants
with lives carved of stone
let them fear the unknown
floundering in the receding tide

were it not for the few
there would be no reason to stay
we are the forerunners, fresh from the fight
into an ominous evening for a long hellish night
just let this burden end

 the ideas will pass
but none of us will
nothing is here that can replace
when everything else is here to erase
what trivial dreams i have had 

 this place could be so much more
if value was a thing that is valued
the day will come, though
when the leviathan will know
as i doubt that we will ever see it

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